We provide integrated medical treatment to reduce pain, improve function and quality of life.

Supportive Care & Preventive Maintenance

Supportive care is that type of care required to cause a continuance of the new level of pain relief and functionality established through intensive care.  Indeed, some problems occur as joints have been damaged or are wearing out and cannot be replaced or ever fully corrected.

Instead, they can frequently be refurbished so a person lives in normal life. But, some ongoing refurbishment may be necessary to continue doing well.

Think of it like a car as the car is getting older and now the brakes are starting to fail. The car is taken to the shop, new brake pads are put on, and it is essentially good as new. This is similar to supportive care. We cannot necessarily replace your brake pads on the body; but we can do things to refurbish worn-out joints dysfunction and muscles, nerves and tendons.

Maintenance care is that type of care that treats and restores function lost through every day of living life. Again, think of it with the car analogy. From time to time car is going to need an oil change, a new set of wipers, some new tires and a few other maintenance items that have to be refurbished to keep it running like new. If a car does not get these things it starts wearing out quickly and soon becomes dysfunctional.

Our bodies, like cars and houses, need some care from time to time. At the Institute, we teach our patients this from day one. If a person has a damaged disk and we are able to have superior treatment success eliminating all pain and dysfunction with that disk the person will still need maintenance from time to time. After 40 years of wear and tear on the spinal disc for example even after having it fully refurbished, it will still need some occasional treatment to keep it running well for the long term. At the Institute, we know exactly what this is and how to do it in a minimal and cost-effective fashion. This enables the person to be able to live life doing all the activities he/she loves to do with minimal pain, discomfort or downtime.

Some call this form of care –wellness care. Some downplay its importance. Most insurance companies do not pay for this type of care because they consider it not considered “medically necessary.”

At the Institute, we could not disagree more. Performing certain rehabilitative procedures at strategic times during a person’s life can save time, money, and most importantly pain and disability.

This is a very unique service provided by the Institute. Most patients do not seek us out for this service alone but find out about this as a sensible approach to lifelong health maintenance and maintaining the best version of their self as they go through life.

But as people learn more about wellness and taking care of their body, the concept is starting to take hold. Professional athletes like football player Tom Brady, celebrities like the Kardashians employ health maintenance procedures from doctors, therapists , nutritionists and acupuncturists. They have learned the value of this type of care and how important it is for them in living there best life.

Fortunately, supportive care and maintenance are done at a relatively minimal cost so you do not need to have the wealth of a celebrity or health insurance for this type of care. Is very personalized exactly what you need and you will experience the benefits right away. 

If you would like to schedule a wellness or maintenance care evaluation simply call the Institute and schedule appointment. Please inform the receptionist that you do not have any really troubling issues and that you are in good health and you want to stay functional. Any type of imaging or lab work that you have from other doctors will be helpful in us establishing this program.