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Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are very common whether they are organized team activities or weekend warrior pursuits. 

When a person is injured, there is usually one thing on their mind; get the problem fixed so they can return to activity as soon as possible.

Although this is very important, at the Institute we also have another goal for our sports injury patients: get the problem fixed and fully rehabilitated to reduce the chance of further issues.

You have probably seen one of your favorite players get injured and you wonder when they will be able to come back…

But professional sports celebrities and weekend warriors both need to have as a primary concern fully restoring proper function and rehabilitating the damaged joint or tissue so it is not likely to recur in the future.  After all, sports are usually played for a finite period of time; in comparison with the entirety of a person’s lifetime.


At the Institute, we have specialized techniques to accomplish this. It starts with doing a great job in stopping the pain as quickly as possible and then restoring the normal integrity of the damaged tissue.

But at the Institute, our approach is even more comprehensive. In fact, we do not stop when the pain stops. We keep treating or following up as necessary until we are confident that the chance of recurrence is minimal. Sometimes this means more treatment; sometimes it simply means following up and checking to see how things are going, taking the care necessary to make sure the problem is truly resolved.

For this reason, we are not always the first health professional patients seek when they have a sports injury. We often see people that have been treated by sports doctors but still have nagging problems that do not seem to resolve.

Whether you have a new injury or a nagging injury from years past, contact the Institute for consultation on your unique situation.

We can tell you quickly what can be done to resolve your situation and get you back on the road to recovery.