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Nonsurgical Spinal Decompression Therapy

Many patients seek treatment at the Institute because we are known to correct health problems without the need of surgical intervention. Some of the severe conditions of back pain, sciatica/neuropathy, neck pain and radicular arm pain are associated with bulging or herniated disc.  The VAX-D Method of nonsurgical spinal decompression has a very high success rate at rehabilitating damaged or herniated spinal discs.  There are many methods of nonsurgical spinal decompression but very few are backed by actual medical research. The VAX-D technology was patented and found successful in multiple research studies. For this reason, other manufacturers often copy the VAX-D research even though their equipment is not the same. One of the doctors of the Institute was trained by Dr. Alan Dyer who was the inventor of VAX-D and spinal decompression. This is quite an honor and privilege since Dr. Dyer arguably knew more about nonsurgical decompression than anyone in the world; since he was the inventor of the true decompression technology. How it works: The VAX-D instrument decompresses the spinal discs creating a negative intradiscal pressure that can cause a retraction of the nucleus Pulposis in a manner that will relieve the nerve pressure and irritation. As the disc improves, the nerve irritation also improves the pain starts to disappear and the nerve starts to get well. With time, all or most of the pain is eliminated and motor strength also returns. This provides a new life for a person who suffered from recurrent back neck, or radicular nerve pain.