We provide Integrative Medical Treatments to reduce pain, improve function and enhance your quality of life.

Integrative Pulse Wave Therapy

At the Institute, Regenerative Pulse Wave Therapy (RPWT) also called “Shockwave Therapy” has been one of the biggest surprises in technical advancement in the last 20 years. RPWT is a regenerative therapy that triggers a healing cascade from within the body that causes a restoration or refurbishment of damaged tissue. The reason it is been such a surprise is because it works extremely well and restores normal function of joints or tissues that were injured many years ago. Patient see results very quickly, usually feeling better after the very first visit. But the magic really happens when the patient receives a series of treatments and the body has time to restore the tissue to normal.

This therapy is also known as shockwave therapy; but we usually do not call it that because there is no electricity involved. It uses intense sound pulses to initiate a healing cascade from within the body. Over time, the joint returns to normal function. This can be remarkable because many people are affected by nagging injuries from the past. Until now, we have never really had a technology to address these nagging injuries in quite this matter. We usually do a series of 5-7 treatments; one per week. In the week in between each treatment, the body is healing that tissue which causes noticeable improvement quickly.