We provide Regenerative Medical Treatments to reduce pain, improve function, and enhance your quality of life.

Acute & Chronic Injuries

At the Institute, your treatment does not stop when the pain goes away. We want you to feel well but we also want your injury to be fully rehabilitated so that the joint works well. This is so important; otherwise, you will never be the same after an injury. We see this phenomenon frequently at the Institute.

Indeed, we often get patients that have had nagging injuries bother them for decades. Perhaps they sprained an ankle in high school and the ankle has been weak ever sense. Similarly, perhaps they were involved in a car wreck and the neck and shoulder has never been the same.

With the technology and rehabilitation techniques of today, we can restore normal function as well as eliminate pain from most injuries.  It takes a different philosophy however. It takes a mindset to not stop until the job is fully done. 

We use high-tech instruments such as Regenerative Pulse Wave Therapy to assist in this health restoration process. Regenerative pulse wave therapy uses high intensity sound pulses that trigger a healing cascade in the body. This is a new technology and can be incredibly effective at healing chronic and nagging injuries.

If you have been injured or suffer from a nagging joint, nerve or muscle problem, please contact the Institute and find out how these things can be rehabilitated so that you can once again return to a normal, active life.

Woman at physiotherapy making physical exercises with qualified therapist