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Neuropathy Treatments

At the Institute, we have years of experience treating neuropathy patients. This can be an exceedingly painful condition and a great source of disability. It is commonly treated with nerve medicine which can help some but often yields disappointing results overall. Treating the neuropathy with nerve medicine fails to get at the root cause of the problem.

Neuropathy can have many causes so it becomes very important to find out the true cause of the problem. From the patient population we see at the Institute, 80% of the patients that we see have a radicular neuropathy that comes from the back. In fact, there is often a hidden intervertebral disc problem that is irritating the nerve producing neuropathy pain.

About 20% of cases we see at the Institute, are considered true peripheral neuropathy often caused by complications of diabetes. 

In order to correct a neuropathy problem, it becomes obvious that a proper diagnostic workup must be accomplished;and the appropriate treatment assigned. Do not assume that a full diagnostic workup has been done and the true root cause of the problem has been found. This condition can be complicated and sometimes it becomes necessary to get another test to isolate the true cause. When this is not done, people often give up hope. When a problem for persists in spite of the medicine or other treatment given, patients tend to think that there is no solution.

But there is hope at the Institute. Intense burning pain, numbness and tingling, muscle weakness and disability can often be improved.

VAX-D spinal decompression, Integrative Pulse Wave Therapy, Laser Therapy, specialized Nerve rehab techniques and applied kinesiology/neuromuscular rehabilitation are often important and successfully relieving this condition and improving disability.

If you are suffering from nerve pain/neuropathy, please contact the Institute for a consultation and evaluation. Once we determine what type of neuropathy we are dealing with, we will go over all treatment options and show your path to getting your life back once again. Remember, do not assume that their is nothing that will help. We have successfully treated this condition for over 20 years so please be reassured that there is hope.

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