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Herniated & Bulging Disc Treatment

Worldwide, Back pain is the single leading cause of disability that prevents many people from living their life to the fullest, and participating in daily activities. Statistically, about 5% of the population experience Degenerative Disc Disease every year. 

Many individuals experience symptoms of spinal disc degeneration as they age. Research shows that about 80% of the population will experience back pain at some point in their life.

At the Institute for Physical and Regenerative Medicine, we specialize in non-surgical spinal disc treatments.

The three common forms of disc problems that we see are:

  1. Bulging discs
  2. Herniated disc
  3. Degenerated disc

What is a Bulging disc?

bulging disc

Bulging Disc

What is a DegeneratIve Disc?

Bulding Disc

With injury and in the aging process, spinal disc lose their normal shock absorber function and become anatomically altered. This process can continue until nerves get irritated/pinched/compressed and inflamed.

This nerve compromise can cause pain locally around the spine or it can be referred to distant locations like the hands and feet.

When the nerve is compromised by disc issue, there are three main problems:

  1. Pain
  2. Muscle dysfunction such as motor weakness
  3. Dysfunction of the nerve that can lead to abnormal sensations such as numbness, tingling, burning pain, loss of position sense, loss of balance, loss of temperature sense and other abnormal nerve phenomenon.


It is very important to understand that disc problems can be resolved.

Unfortunately, these problem are frequently not resolved. Indeed, we frequently see patients that have had symptoms related to disc issues for over a decade despite various treatments.

The secret to successfully treating spinal disc problems is decompression.

If the nerve is never decompressed, the problem will not go away or fully resolve no matter how much treatment.

Of course, at the Institute we specialize in nonsurgical form of decompression. 

To find out more about this treatment option for your specific disc issue, please contact the Institute for an evaluation. Please let us know about the severity of your situation and bring any imaging (MRI, CT or X-Ray) that you may already have done.

This way we can give you a full evaluation and let you know about all possible options to eradicate the problem.

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