We provide Regenerative Medical Treatments to reduce pain, improve function, and enhance your quality of life.

Chronic Pains and Dysfunctions

Recently, chronic nagging pains and body parts that do not work properly have become a very important part of our practice at the Institute.

Some examples of nagging pains and dysfunctions are:

  1. plantar fasciitis
  2. knee or ankle ligament damage
  3. recurrent neck pain after a car accident
  4. rotator cuff problems in the shoulder
  5. nagging back pain
  6. leg weakness making stairclimbing difficult
  7. elbow wrist and hand problems such as golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome.
  8. Hip pain
  9. heel spur
  10. chronic tendon problems
  11. jumper’s knee
  12. knee osteoarthritis
  13. shin splints
  14. trochanteric bursitis
  15. adhesive capsulitis

Treating nagging recurrent aches and pains starts with a thorough evaluation to really determine the cause of the problem. Once the causes determine we will use the specific treatment or treatments that will cause improvement in pain as well as restoration function.

Treatments like Regenerative Pulse Wave Therapy, joint manipulation, clinical kinesiology and even acupuncture can be very successful on long-term nagging issues.

Please note that this treatment is often extremely successful. Frequently, patients are so happy with getting their biggest problem fixed, they will often want another nagging problem fixed.

The treatment is easy to do and fairly inexpensive, so it is become very popular and one of the most rewarding protocols we have at the Institute.

If you suffer from nagging, ongoing or troubling problems please contact the Institute for consultation. Please do not give up hope if you have been to a few doctors before with this nagging situation. 

Do not give up yet; come in and see if we can help.