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Auto Injury Pain Treatment & Rehabilitation

Automobile injuries are very common and disruptive to a person’s lifestyle. At the Institute, we frequently  spine damage that occurred years ago as a result of an auto injury. Damage to ligaments, tendons and verbal discs can last a lifetime. The trauma can weaken tissues causing recurrent pain weakness and numbness.

Over the years we found a few very important keys to dealing with these debilitating injuries:

  1. Do not just treat the pain but make sure to repair the damage when possible. Treating the pain with pain killers and muscle relaxers without properly rehabilitating the damaged tissue is almost a guarantee of chronic trouble.
  2. Assuming that can get better on its own. Sometimes a person is injured in an automobile accident and then after a few days it feels much better. There is still some stiffness but since much of the pain is gone the person assumes their well so they do not get checked by a trained specialist. Again, this is a ticket to chronic pain and disability.
  3. Using the right tool for the job. In order to fully rehabilitate damaged tissue from auto accidents, there may be various forms of therapy and even different doctors may need to have a hand in the rehabilitation. For instance, if you have pinched nerves and herniated disc from the accident than some form of decompression will be required. If you simply get a pain injection without really fixing the pinched nerve, you will have chronic debilitating symptoms. 
  4. Stopping therapy prior to full resolution of the pain and prior to full rehabilitation of the damaged tissue. This occurs frequently in patients that we see in the Institute. They had a auto accident eight months ago for instance; but they still suffer from symptoms that occurred from that accident. Perhaps they receive some pain treatment and maybe some trigger point injections that the underlying causes were never really addressed.

They did feel some relief at the time but the damaged and weakened tissue persisted and caused ongoing disability. 

The good news is that there is fantastic modern treatment for these type of injuries. There is now therapeutic modalities that can repair damaged tissue. There are nonsurgical ways to decompress the nerve in injured spinal conditions. There are ways to get strength back so that limbs and joints will work properly.

If you have been involved in an accident and are still having pain or disability,

consider a consultation with one of the specialists at the Institute. You’ll probably feel better from the moment you arrive when you find out something can be done to improve your situation.