About Us

We provide Regenerative Medical Treatments to reduce pain, improve function and quality of life.

Spine inflammation

About The Institute for Physical & Regenerative Medicine in Woodlands TX.

We are proud to offer the most effective, comprehensive, and non-invasive approaches to treating or eliminating your pain. Our team of professionals and medical experts are trained in the most up-to-date procedures for non-surgical, drug-free, and long-term pain management. 

We are located at 26603 I 45 North, Woodlands, TX 77380. 

Please contact us or make an appointment online for further information. The communities of Conroe TX, Montgomery TX, Panorama Village TX, Willis TX, The Woodlands TX, and Cleveland TX are just a few of the cities we serve. We specialize in providing effective pain management options in the Woodlands, Texas area. 


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Devastating Pain

Whether you are suffering from chronic or acute pain, it can have a devastating effect on your life. Pain makes it difficult to work effectively, get around, and enjoy the things you love doing most. It can impair your capacity to carry out even basic everyday tasks, and has the potential to put joy, excitement, and fulfillment out of reach.

Pain takes away the quality of your life. At The Institute for Physical & Integrative Medicine in Woodlands TX, we understand that each patient we treat has different needs and goals in terms of their pain. 

Our team is dedicated and committed to making a difference in your life, and helping you regain the quality of a pain free life. 

Committed to Your Health Needs

Providing Long-Term Relief

We have different approaches to relieving pain. These approaches are free of drugs and invasive surgeries.

Dedicated Staff

Our committed team of professionals is made up of practitioners with a variety of backgrounds who combine unique and effective approaches, treatments, and modalities. Our doctors and healthcare professionals are well-versed and experienced in the latest and most effective non-invasive and drug-free therapy. We work together, hand-in-hand, with a focus on relieving your pain, and optimizing your wellbeing. We emphasize the importance of patient education and follow-up treatments in order to help you achieve your desired results.